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I am Warunee from Petchabun, which is about 200 miles north and very slightly east of Bangkok, as the 'Siamese Fireback Pheasant' flies. Of course those of you who are ornithologists will know that a more scientific name for this pheasant is 'Lophura Diardi' and that their flight path may not be identical to that of a Crow.

Welcome to my web site, which is dedicated to bringing you the most authentic Thai food experience ever.

Having said that, you may have been told that in certain parts of Thailand, we eat fried insects and other things that may not sound very pleasant. This is completely true and maybe that is just a little too authentic for you? Since frying an insect hardly justifies a recipe, I will focus on foods not designed to scare you, your family or your guests.

You may think that there are a lot of sources for Thai recipes already. You are right. The only reason that I decided to get involved in this project was because of friends, both Thai and foreign, who insisted that the food I cooked for them was better than anything they had ever eaten before. At first I thought they were just being kind, but they continue to tell me this, and perhaps more convincingly, they do still keep coming back when I invite them around for a meal.

The recipes I am going to present are exactly as I cook them. I have not adapted them for western or anyone else's palates, just my own.

In most cases I think you will like them as presented, however I have noticed that restaurants in the west, tend to cut the amount of chili used considerably and they often add more sugar than we would normally use in Thailand. Many restaurants in Thailand do the same thing if they observe a farang amongst their customers.

There is nothing wrong with altering recipes to make them more enjoyable for yourself. You should eat what you like. I know several Thais who do not like their food to be as fiery as many of us do. Of course not every dish I cook is laced with Chili.

Enjoying any meal, be it Thai or otherwise, depends on a number of factors, not just the taste of the food. Presentation and atmosphere are also important. You can access my observations on this and some recipes, from the contents menu on the left side of this page near the top.

I really hope you find these recipes are as delicious as my friends say they are. Maybe you would like to bookmark this page now, so that you can find it again, when your taste-buds are telling you that they need to be immersed in some Siamese cuisine.

If you click on the leaf on the left, near  the top of this page, entitled "RECIPE eBOOK", you will see details of the ebook, I have written containing many more of my recipes.

Happy cooking


In the land of Smiles

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